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Visit to Greece - Easter 2003
Easter in Greece - Acropolis, Athens.
Easter in Greece - Lidoriki, Mornos, Livadia.
Easter in Greece - Mykonos.

Visit to Greece - August 2002
Vacation in Greece - Rodos
Vacation in Greece - 4x4 overlooking Athens!

Easter 2000 - Pascha 2000 / Visit to Germany and Greece
Visiting Home for Easter / Lagonisi & Athens, Greece
Visiting with friends in Appenweier / Baden Baden

A weekend trip to Killington Vermont, March 17 2000 - Set # 1
A weekend trip to Killington Vermont, March 17 2000 - Set # 2

My vacation to Greece, October 1999 - see pictures from Lagonisi and Milos

My vacation to Hawaii, Spring 1999

Pictures from New York, Winter 1998-99

Pictures from Greece - taken during my visit in October 1998
Leros and Ageia Kyriakh
Visit Lagonisi and The Partridge Farm
H ISTORIA mias KAMPANAS sto Anatoliko Aigaio
Aigaio, Pictures from Tinos and Crete

Pictures from my trip to Germany, October 1998
Germany Hamburg and Berlin

Pictures while in the Columbia Business School
Graduation Pictures, May 20, 1998 Graduation Party, May 1st, 1998
Athens Square, Astoria New York

Just plain good old sailing, the New York Harbor - Just before Business School !!!

Other pictures from my trips
In the Far East in the early 90s
Back to the New World. The US of A

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