Pictures from the US of America

Sorry, but I had to start 

with a sailboat. 

We are sailing here with 

Ellis Island and the Statue 

of Liberty in the background.

If you do not like sailing, you 

can always go to a good old 

American parade.

If you rather go to a Greek 

Parade, it is always on 5th 

Avenue in Manhattan 

one of the last Sundays of 


Another option would be to go 

swimming.  Just make sure that 

your car is ready for the 

challenge.  In any case, 

Florida was FUN ! ! !

Or just get on a bigger 

boat that was actually 

designed to float on a 

river instead of becoming 

a submersible.

Just make sure not to go too 

far.  It will not survive a fall off 

the Niagara Falls.

When it gets a little cooler, 

you can learn to SKI ! ! ! 

Somehow I misplaced the 

picture following this one ! ! !

But, be careful, you can never 

have too much fun ! ! ! 

Not even in Death Valley. 

Someone will come out from 

behind the cactus and . . .

On the other hand, if you go racing 

through the back roads of 

Pennsylvania . . . I would like to see 

him chasing me here . . . 

No . . . ! ! ! 

that's too much work.

Since I like to avoid 

problems, I decided to go 

racing in New York harbor 

instead ! ! ! You can not get 

a speeding ticket here!

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