Pictures from Europe 

I would rather be seeing this beautiful Sunset from the coast of Lagonissi in Attica . . .

Or sailing with them in Cyclades

It all started in Cuba about 

back in the 80s . . . 

If you believe that, I got 

a bridge for you in Brooklyn! 

This picture was actually 

taken somewhere in Crete.

To be more exact, it started 

here, where my grandfather 

left from when he was 

9 years old.

A Sunset at Malia, on the 

Northern coast of Crete, 

East of Heraklion.

Loch Ness, Scotland. 

On the exact opposite 

end of Europe. 

Can someone locate Nessie 

in the picture?

A tavern in London. 

The food was "great" 

as long as you liked . . . 

fish and chips!

At the Dom in Hamburg 

Germany.  How about 

some sweets?

No, this is not Disneyland! 

It is the real thing, 

In Bavaria.

Black Forest, 


A nice place in Baden Baden. 

Some people might 

recognize the place.

Having fun driving 

in Europe . . . 

During a quick 

stop in Austria.

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