Pictures from the Far East

It seems that these two 

fellows are happy to 

see me there. 

(South Korea - 1989)

The old craftsman 

proudly displays 

his handmade 

Bamboo vases.

South Sea, in South Korea. 

One of the most beautiful 

areas in the country.

Traditional cooking at 

the Korean Folk 

village, south of Seoul.

The care taker of this 

Temple in Southwest 

Korea spent all his life 

building the temple and 

the Stone towers.

Street market in 

Seoul, Korea.

A beautiful sunset 

off the South coast of 

South Korea.

The Emperor's 

Summer Palace 

In Kyoto, Japan. 

Gold plated!

The busy harbor of 

Hong Kong.

How about using an 

old style taxi in Hong Kong? 

It cost me (US) $5 

just for the picture . . . 

A tourist is a tourist.

I was . . . fed to the 

dragons in Taiwan! ! !

If you have a reason to 

celebrate, why not 

hire a singer/dancer 

in a glass enclosed 

truck and drive around? 

Chinzu, Taiwan.

Inside a Temple 

dedicated to a 

local God in 


Driving around the 

island of Taiwan 

with friends.

Luckily the bomb 

did not fall on me! 

It was dropped 

on the bridge on 

River Kwai !

The floating market, 

outside Bangkok 


Gold plated palaces . . . 

No comment here, 

Bangkok, Thailand.

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